#2 – Do you speak my language?

Aug 28, 12 #2 – Do you speak my language?

We continue our blog on Five Reasons for Higher Ad Recall Among Hispanics.

What do Budweiser, Bounty and McDonald’s have in common?  They have all successfully reached the Hispanic market with Spanish language print, radio and television ads.

Spanish primetime advertisement spots reach over half the Hispanic population ages 18-49, while English ads only reach 40%.1 Deciding to advertise in a particular language involves more than simply translating copy. When done right, Spanish language ads produce 30% higher recall among Hispanics.


2. Portrayal of Culture

Most successful Spanish language ads involve an accurate portrayal of their culture. Sometimes advertisers have to find the common denominator of the culture to figure out what will best communicate to their targets. The Hispanic culture has an abundance of the four F’s: family, fun, futbol and fans. Finding ways to hit the four F’s and incorporating them into ads means connecting your brand with Hispanic cultural values, thereby giving your target market an ad that will surely resonate with them.

Crown Imports incorporated the four F’s in a series of Spanish ads in 2008. Under the tagline, “Nuestro orgullo. Nuestra cerveza,” or “Our pride. Our beer,” Crown Imports was able to portray different facets of Hispanic culture from weddings (family) to dancing (fun) and from playing and/or watching soccer (futbol) sports to playing and/or watching other sports (fans). The Latino community praised the ad because of the cultural connections they felt.3

Stay tuned for Higher Ad Recall among Hispanics #3 in a future blog.

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