#5- Do you speak my language?

Oct 30, 12 #5- Do you speak my language?

We continue our blog on 5 Reasons for Higher Ad Recall Among Hispanics.

What do Budweiser, Bounty and McDonald’s have in common? They have all successfully reached the Hispanic market with Spanish language print, radio and television ads.

Spanish primetime advertisement spots reach over half the Hispanic population ages 18-49, while English ads only reach 40%.1 Deciding to advertise in a particular language involves more than simply translating copy. When done right, Spanish language ads produce 30% higher recall among Hispanics.


5. Originality

What happens if you are Hispanic and the only ads you see are of a picturesque Latino family coming together to share a meal? Ads lose their effect. While marketers and advertisers want to reach their targets by sparking a cultural connection, the name of the marketing game is still creativity. In language ads lacking creativity will not warrant effective results for marketers; however, originality operates as a great hook.

In 2010, Bounty released a radio ad in Spanish entitled “Batalla” (Battle). The spot proved particularly creative as the battle was really a food fight (or a food war) in which only Bounty could win. Instead of the sound of marching, the words “flan, flan, flan” are spoken in a tone mimicking the sounds of a war march, in place of a bomb, the word “Pizza,” with an elongated “i” was spoken to imitate bombs, and replacing the sound of helicopters, the word “taco” was spoken in stagnated form simulating the sound of a chopper. While food fights might be hard to imagine with just sound, the Bounty ad creatively produced a strong vision of a food fight using only language. This award winning ad shows incorporating language with originality will make for effective advertising.

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  1. i have to agree with horsebackrider94.you sldohun’t rush yourself to learn a language, and you really can’t.it takes a very long time to be fluent in a language.the very best you can do for fast’ is learning common phrases and simple vocabulary.

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