About Us

San Jose Consulting (SJC) was created from a vision of providing Hemispheric culturally nuanced marketing solutions.

…One brand, One Message, Three Languages.

Our heritage in identifying and managing growth and revenue opportunities for U.S. companies is rich and extensive.

We anticipated that the Americas would have to unify into one trading block in order for the U.S., to remain globally competitive. We wanted to do our part in influencing this change.

Over the past 30 years, we have successfully:
• Identified Trends
• Accessed Risk
• Developed Market Entry Strategies
• Conducted Extensive Business Planning
• Developed ROI Modeling

for F1000 and todays industry leaders.

And yet, given today’s uncertain times, proliferated media, and the ever increasing consumer complexity, we believe there is greater value we can provide to our clients in refocusing our experience and services to one of the greatest emerging risk threatening companies…

….protecting shareholder and brand equity value.

The emerging voices and faces that make up our Polycultural society and the complex markets within our Hemisphere require original and in-depth knowledge, experience and wisdom to navigate.

We have assembled a consulting group made up of best-in-class Marketing and PR experts with innovative approaches from varying disciplines to provide a competitive advantage to those corporations seeking knowledge, preparedness and capacity to anticipate and protect against cultural blindness and the affiliated brand and shareholder risks.

Our blog serves as a platform for our group to provide their opinions based on their insight and knowledge …and in their thoughts perhaps revealing what others do not see.