Addressable Media & The Holy Grail of Multicultural Marketers

Apr 21, 11 Addressable Media & The Holy Grail of Multicultural Marketers

By Jim Legg, Executive Vice President of Leadership and Integration

“For years, the Holy Grail of TV’s future has been for cable TV systems to achieve Internet-like interactivity with their subscribers. In fact, the possibility of addressable TV advertising has been talked about for so long that it has taken on urban myth-like status for many cynics,” Antonio Neves, Ad Age. An urban myth no longer, addressable media is more of a reality today and is gaining ground to become a vital part of the future of advertising. The extent of consumer profiling that can be conducted is yet to be determined by the U.S. government, and will dictate the future of addressable media. However, marketers see its value and are not slowing down.

With the right marketing model and addressable media, traditional TV’s impact and reach with new technologies and marketing solutions can better connect brands with consumers. Canoe Ventures, a technology consortium of the country’s six largest cable companies, allows brands the capability to specifically target consumers with certain creative or nuanced messaging, based on the consortium’s cable zone technology overlaid with Experian data.

For example, a credit card company can run a spot nationally for one of its standard credit cards. For the cable zones that have higher incomes, based on the Experian data, the brand can run nuanced creative for a higher-end card that will resonate better with that audience. Ultimately, the infrastructure and intelligence helps match more relevant marketing messages with audiences.

The U.S. Census data continues to reveal how the multicultural U.S. population continues to evolve. Understanding this, the power of addressable media is amplified as it can provide marketers a way to target consumers with the most appropriate and culturally relevant message.

“Like the credit card example given, sooner rather than later addressable media will allow advertising to specifically target by ethnicity and language preference. Marketers should consider an agency partner that understands the evolving U.S. landscape, has a model that addresses it, and is proficient in addressable media,” said George L. San Jose, president & COO of The San Jose Group (SJG). “A brand’s goal should to be to go to market with a creative message based on global consumer insights; however, the overall idea encourages nuanced messaging as needed, and addressable media allows us to do this”, he added.

SJG is developing pilot programs that consider both its Convergent Marketing Solutions model and addressable media to address multicultural consumers. The agency’s model creates strategies that appeal to the common connection points found across all segments of a brand’s total market customer base.

The pilot programs will result in fewer overall productions and costs for clients, and more versioning of the creative, as well as minimized wasted impressions and maximized media reach.

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