Advertising on TikTok

Feb 08, 21 Advertising on TikTok

In March 2019, the newest social media platform “TikTok” surpassed 1 billion downloads, according to Reuters. In 2020, it surpassed 2 billion. In what feels like a blink of an eye, the app has gained international popularity and importance. A couple of months ago, we saw it as a silly platform for middle-schoolers. Like a failed copy of what once “Vine” was. What we didn’t understand then, is that TikTok provides immediate gratification and entertainment. It is easy to use and scratches the itch for creativity, spontaneity, and innovation some people felt was missing on other platforms. Now, what does this means for your business?

According to TikTok, advertising with them can help a company reach audiences from over 20 regions, as well as to engage with trendsetting users. Whose trends will later on transfer to other social media platforms. As can be seen with the multitude of TikToks featured on Instagram reels.

TikTok tells brands: “Don’t make ads, make TikToks.” What this explains is that in order to properly advertise with the platform, your brand needs to fit in it. Mexican fast-food chain “Chipotle” currently has 1.4 million followers and over 23.7 million likes. They have more followers on their TikTok than on their official Instagram account. The fact that their reach has been greater on this new platform proves how successful their approach was. Their content gained popularity because it matched the type of content TikTok users go to the platform for. They participate in viral trends, post funny videos, contests, and so on. If a user saw Chipotle’s content, on the “for you page” (TikTok’s main feed) it would not feel like a copied advertisement used for all social media platforms. It would feel like a TikTok. Understanding what the users want, and their experience within the app is what helped them connect with this growing audience. 

Another brand creating content on TikTok is ESPN. They currently have 13.3 million followers and 772.4 million likes. Their TikTok content is similar to what they post and advertise on other social media accounts. The main difference is that it is made to fit the TikTok experience. Some of these content includes players dancing, short concise news clips, challenges, and so on. 

Seeing these brands grow a large following on a newer platform, works as the perfect example to show the importance of advertising on social media. Whether it is by posting traditional “paid for” ads or creating content. Never underestimate the new “up and coming” platforms, because they might just be the next big thing. 

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