Affordable Care Act (Healthcare Reform) and Multicultural Populations cont.

Dec 20, 12 Affordable Care Act (Healthcare Reform) and Multicultural Populations cont.

We continue our 12 part blog series on the Affordable Care Act and Multicultural Populations.  

What’s happening with health insurance? Key Changes – Part 6

By Martha C. Rivera, Director, Strategy and Insights, and Monica Martens, Junior Executive

When looking towards the future Americans should be informed about some of the key changes to our health care system. Since 2010, local, state and federal officials have been working to help implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Prior to the Act, millions of Americans remained uninsured but now under the ACA uninsured individuals will have to pay a penalty. Individuals and small groups will have to enroll in health insurance plans through their State Exchanges, or be covered by an employer or under Medicaid.

The ACA aims to increase the number of individuals insured by expanding private and public health insurance through competitive prices and accessibility. One of the key features of the Act is the creation of state-based online marketplaces called Exchanges. Through the Exchange, individuals and small groups will have a variety of choices in deciding the amount of coverage, the cost and the provider and will be able to purchase their insurance online with the support of call centers and/or chat assistance.

Health insurance companies will have to market to their customers in order to create brand loyalty in the Exchange. Through various marketing techniques providers have already started to get the word out on staying healthy while at the same time creating brand loyalty. How effective those marketing strategies are going to be among Hispanics is yet to be established. Over 57% of Hispanics report that the health information they obtained from the media led them to visit a health care professional.

Look for Part 7 of our Affordable Care Act and Multicultural Populations in a future blog.

Key Features of the Affordable Care Act., 2010

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