Big Business Opportunities for U.S. Companies in Brazil

Oct 19, 09 Big Business Opportunities for U.S. Companies in Brazil

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on a Crain’s Chicago Business Today video segment to talk about the San Jose Network’s perspective on Brazil winning the 2016 Olympic bid. There is great potential for U.S. companies expanding into Latin America, especially since Brazil will host both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

From our perspective, just because the U.S. lost the bid, doesn’t mean that U.S. companies will not be able to profit from the games. In the interview, I emphasized the importance of companies implementing marketing strategies as soon as possible to enter the region and effectively build brand loyalty.

Are you already looking at Brazil as a business opportunity?
Are you prepared to begin building your marketing efforts now to maximize the 2014-2016 opportunity?
What are your biggest challenges with this market?

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