Channel strategy for the Nueva Latina

Jun 07, 10 Channel strategy for the Nueva Latina

For channel strategists, the Nueva Latina is a challenging (yet exciting!) demo to target because “she” cannot be characterized by one definition. Depending on language and content preference, selecting media vehicles to best reach her can be tricky.

Sixty percent of this Nueva Latina segment prefer to consume media in English. That being said, generally there are two types of content for her to consume: content that is culturally relevant in English, and content that would be considered “general market programming,” like American Idol for example.

Culturally Relevant English-Language Content
For the 60% of Nueva Latinas that prefer to consume media in English, culturally relevant content is available and the selection is growing; however, it is still relatively limited. Below are a few of the most popular English-language media channels consumed by the Nueva Latina.

  • Latina, an English-written magazine that is completely focused on the lifestyle of today’s acculturated Hispanic woman. It is a premier source for Latino celebrity gossip, fashion trends, beauty secrets for Latina skin tones, food, health, careers, money & more.
  • SiTV, a Latino-themed cable network with English programming that reflects and embraces the lives of bicultural Latinos. SiTV programming is comprised of 70% original content, including the first-ever Latina modeling competition series and a very popular reality series, Elle & Tito: The Married Life.
  • MTV TR3S is an extension of MTV that blends Latin & American music, culture, and the Spanish and English languages.
  • Mun2, bilingual programming targeting young U.S. Latinos.

“General Market” Programming
English-language TV programming that is not as culturally relevant to the Nueva Latina lifestyle, but included in her list of favorites includes American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars and Desperate Housewives.  However, in this “general market” programming, we are seeing more and more Latinas landing lead roles such as Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives, Sofia Vergara on Modern Family and Sara Ramirez on Grey’s Anatomy.

As far as the online arena goes, sites visited by bicultural/bilingual Latina women that fall near the top of the list include Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Fox, AOL and Amazon to name a few.

Spanish-Language Content
For the 40% of Nueva Latinas that prefer to consume media in Spanish, there is a larger selection of media available.  Three of the most popular Spanish-language magazines targeting the Nueva Latina are People en Espanol, Vanidades and Siempre Mujer.

  • People En Espanol combines coverage of the Hispanic and “general” world of entertainment, fashion and beauty, and human interest stories.
  • Vanidades (celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!) is wholly targeted to revolve around the Hispanic woman and her lifestyle. This magazine helped crack societal stereotypes of Hispanic women in the U.S. when it launched in 1961.
  • Siempre Mujer is for the Latina woman living in the U.S., acquiring American culture but also holding true to her Hispanic heritage at the same time.
  • Network TV: Spanish-language networks that fell in the top ten for Hispanic TV network viewership included Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura and Azteca America. Lately, the top ten primetime network Spanish-language TV programs have aired mostly on Univision.  These have included Mañana Para Siempre, Gordo y Flaca and Gran Estreno.
  • Online: Among the top websites viewed by Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics in January of 2010 were Google, Microsoft sites, Yahoo!, Facebook.

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