The emergence of the power of our Polycultural Society fueled by the chasm in Social Economics

Aug 24, 16 The emergence of the power of our Polycultural Society fueled by the chasm in Social Economics

The digital revolution has fueled the emergence of the voices that make up our Polycultural society, and their strength and power are louder than words. Its economic …and increasing!

While corporate and government leaders may have prepared more adequately to adjust and respond to the not-so-new emerging trends, they did not.   Perhaps it was “Cultural Blindness”  mixed in with cost cutting measures. When times are lean companies trade long-term strategies for short term tactics, with shareholders “paying the price.” It takes a lot more courage to do the right thing vs. the politically right thing.

And in today’s fast moving, complex and diverse markets, the risks and costs are immediate. The power of instant communication through social media has clearly established itself as a new weapon and the voices of our Polycultural society are mastering its use to express their views against the economic backdrop we have been living under:  the second greatest economic depression in the history of the United States.

History does repeat itself more often than not, but it always disguises itself as something else, so one must be attuned to seeing what others do not see …to really see. King Louie and Marie Antoinette suffered from Cultural Blindness, thus propagating the French Revolution …and we know what happened to them. But nothing to worry about …as we are much more civilized now. Today, you don’t lose your head, you just lose your job.

From one who has made a living by studying the vital statistics and insights about the consumers that make up the Northern and Latin American hemispheres, this is the emergence of the power of the Polycultural society fueled by the chasm in social economics.  I have witnessed first hand the progression of this trend evolving over several decades. It is now prevalent and strong enough for everyone to hear …and we must respond differently and swiftly.

These are new times, which bring seeds of opportunity for innovative approaches. I believe ideation and creation are the fuel of life and economies.  Like a spring of cold fresh water it quenches the thirst and refreshes all that it touches.

In the proper dimension you are able to see what others do not see. To prepare for the present and accurately shape the future …one must have expert navigators. The ones with the experience in sailing through what are unchartered waters …to most.

As for me, I’m going to contribute by supporting our leaders in their adaptation to societal change.  I’ve brought together an excellence-driven team of experts from different specialties and mindsets to work along side of me. Together we bring forth a whole new dimension on protecting Brand Equity and Shareholder Value …it is the next natural progression of how I have served for the last three decades …growing market share for F1000 brands.

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