Do Hispanics Keep up with the Jones’? Part 2

Sep 18, 12 Do Hispanics Keep up with the Jones’? Part 2

We continue our blog on Do Hispanics Keep up with the Jones’? Make Your Ad a Melting Pot

What is “American” and how is our melting pot changing?


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—our forefathers did a fairly good job at setting Americans up with an opportunity for all to achieve the rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness no matter who they are or where they’ve come from. Obviously we’ve had some amendments so the “all” really means “all.”

While the inalienable rights are important to Hispanics, they value family over money, education and social status.


Hipster, prep, goth, emo, jock, business, casual—so much of a person is defined simply from the way they present their exterior. Based on clothing, people might infer age, ethnicity, and certainly gender, but also they may gather interests, hobbies, social status, and even marital status.

Techno Gadgets

Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, flat screen, ereader, MP3, Stero, Blu-Ray—we like our new, shiny, high powered gadgets that make us feel like we live in the futuristic world of Back to the Future.

American’s keeping up with the Jones’ mentality has people camping out of Best Buy’s, Wal-Mart’s and other stores waiting for the doors to open so they can be among the first to dish out hundreds of dollars on the newest phone, game systems and tablets. Hispanics actually lead the market in moving mobile, so the real question is who’s influencing whom to buy the latest technologies.

Exercising Rights

What’s more American than voting, protesting and practicing free speech? It’s enough to say you’re an American, but another thing to practice it.

Hispanics, with their own experiences and beliefs, have pushed for certain legislation, and their vote is predicted to carry an enormous influence in the upcoming presidential election—Both President Obama and Governor Romney are vying for their votes.

Stay tuned for Do Hispanics Keep up with the Jones’? Make Your Ad a Melting Pot #3 in a future blog.


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