Google+ Hispanics: How to Increase SEO with Social Media – Part 5

Oct 16, 12 Google+ Hispanics: How to Increase SEO with Social Media – Part 5

We conclude our blog on Five Ways to Increase SEO with Social Media.

Hispanics over indexing on social media could mean better ranking on Google search engines. Earlier this year, Google released two new algorithms: Panda and Penguin. While the names might sound cute, companies won’t think so once their rankings on search engines lower. Social media platforms are now married to SEO—they’re no longer just initiating engagement, awareness and keeping brands top-of-mind, but they’re also keeping brands top-of-Google.

Since maintaining and increasing ranking lies in the hands of social media users, companies must connect with consumers on the Internet. According to a 2012 American Pulse Survey, 80 percent of Hispanics are active on Facebook, 60.4 percent are on Twitter (over 20 percent higher than the general market), and 54.4 percent are on Google+ (15 percent higher than the general market).1 And with Hispanics spending over 20 hours a week on social media, companies who can channel their engagement are sure to see SEO impacts.2

How to engage Hispanics via social media:

5. Create Groups, Contests and Sweepstakes
Give consumers something to get hyped about. It’s not enough to create a couple of social media pages to draw in consumers; companies have to motivate them. Broadcasting contests, sweepstakes and giveaways provide the perfect incentive for people to like brands. What’s in it for brands? Among the given social media benefits – such as generating impressions, building awareness and loyalty—stands increasing SEO.

“Think of social media as a living being—it should have personality and culture,” says George L. San Jose, president and chief creative officer of The San Jose Group. “But it can’t just look cool, it has to be functional and engaging. Use social media to communicate and interact with consumers and you’ll find your brand growing.”

By investing appropriately in social media, and with the help of engaged Hispanic consumers, brands will not only increase their SEO, but will surely maximize their ROI.

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