How Large Not-for-Profit Organizations Can Use Social Media to Reach the Masses

May 24, 12 How Large Not-for-Profit Organizations Can Use Social Media to Reach the Masses

What better way can a not-for-profit organization reach the most amount of people to drive awareness? A social network with over 900 million users would be a great start!

When Facebook announced on May 1, that they added a feature which allows users to register as organ donors and share their decision publicly or privately, the initiative opened up the potential to reach masses of people who support organ donation. Surveys have shown that most Americans support organ donation, but only about 40 percent of the adult population register as organ donors.1 According to Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network, one donor can save or enhance the lives of more than 25 people. If you’re not an organ donor and are interested in becoming one, Facebook’s initiative makes it easy to register as an organ donor.

To add your organ donor status to your Timeline, add a new “Life Event,” scroll down to the “Health & Wellness” section and choose “Organ Donor.” After doing so, your status can be shared with the world or with just your family and friends on Facebook. Go ahead and get started!

The San Jose Group Organ Feature

Here’s our top three reasons to take advantage of using social media for social good:

  1.        It’s Fast
  2.        It’s Easy
  3.        It’s FREE

Do you believe Facebook’s initiative will continue to raise organ donor registrants across the U.S.? Comment below with your thoughts.

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  1. I think that this is a really great post! In fact, social media holds a lot of potential for sites that conduct clinical trials. However, this also an area where a lot of work and research are needed in order to be successful. I admit that it can be very difficult and its not something that everyone can do. In fact, there are now some groups which are offering up seminars on how to improve your engagement on social media platforms if you are one of these organizations.

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