Online Consumer Relationship Marketing (CRM): Building a Loyal Consumer Base among Hispanics

Dec 15, 11 Online Consumer Relationship Marketing (CRM): Building a Loyal Consumer Base among Hispanics

Tony D’Andrea, PhD, Director of Research and Planning at The San Jose Group

To develop a sustained relationship with consumers, marketers are now adding digital platforms integrated with above and below the line marketing. This is not about brand or product placement in TV shows online or offline. Online initiatives now arise as a cost-effective solution for developing an interaction with consumers in more subtle and sophisticated ways, aiming at not only showcasing products but more importantly in developing brand loyalty.

Big marketers have started sponsoring multi-pronged online communities in which people can get information as well as share experiences, while also having entertainment and promotional opportunities – all in a single website-centered platform.

Considering that Hispanics, particularly Latina moms, overindex in a variety of online activities, let’s examine three interesting cases of consumer relationship marketing centered in online platforms:

— L’Oreal is sponsoring a soap opera community (“Club de Noveleras”) hosted by Telemundo. As noted by a top brand executive, the goal is to “go beyond events” and make the website and mobile components of this platform a hub for discussions about all things related to soap operas. It also includes videos, articles as well as an expert beauty blog, all part of the eleven million dollar media spend of L’Oreal at Telemundo in 2010.

— Fully sponsored by P&G, “De Moda” is another online Hispanic forum dedicated to celebrity and fashion topics. Hosted by Yahoo Mujer, De Moda showcases videos of select P&G brands that resonate with interests of Hispanic women. About half of the videos and articles are translated from the English counterpart “The Thread.” In the Spanish platform, P&G focuses on the Herbal Essence haircare product line, taking on Hispanics’ strong interest in natural and herbal ingredients (as we examined in a 6/23/11 article: Hispanic Consumer Trends in Hair Care). “De Moda’s” approach is thus to jive translation, transculturation and original materials seeking to achieve maximum effect. As a result, about 100,000 Hispanics visit “De Moda” each week. Their interests and behavior online can be examined through website tracking devices, enabling an efficient honing of the platform.

— As a service brand CRM case, American Family Insurance also sponsors an all-Spanish online platform that provides advice on insurance and finance for Hispanic families. The platform “Creando un Futuro Brillante” is inspired by the successful general market “Building a Brighter Future.” Hosted by MSN Latino, the website contains a variety of family-centered webisodes, explanatory videos, articles and a Q&A area where visitors can place their inquiries, in turn, answered by a financial expert.

In all of these cases, we see dynamic ways of employing online resources to develop a deeper connection with consumers, by positively exploring their personal needs and interests, rather than simply selling a product. Such integrated approaches are also necessary in the Hispanic segment where customer service usually remains an area of improvement. While conventional above-the-line exposure is a necessary condition, online and mobile technologies arise as new frontiers already embraced by Hispanic consumers in their daily life.

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