Q&A w/ George L. San Jose: Political Advertising and Bill Brady, A Household Name

Oct 27, 10 Q&A w/ George L. San Jose: Political Advertising and Bill Brady, A Household Name

Even if you don’t know where he stands on issues, Illinois residents have likely heard of Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady. He is name dropped over and over again in households throughout the state as he’s the focal point of competitor, Pat Quinn’s, “Who Is Bill Brady?” TV advertisements.

SJG’s own President & COO, George L. San Jose, comments on the effectiveness of these advertisements.

SJGPR: What is your take on Pat Quinn branding himself off his competition’s namesake?

GSJ: The campaign conducted by Quinn’s people is the best platform to have ever been created for Bill Brady to tell his story. There are so many negative advertising messages about Brady that no one else knows or remembers anything other than his name and that he’s a millionaire. The campaign stimulates curiosity for people to go and find out who Bill Brady really is.

SJGPR: There is a www.whoisbillbrady.com and WhoIsBillBrady Twitter account that are currently being run and funded by Pat Quinn’s campaign team. Is this effective for Quinn’s platform?

GSJ: The question should not be who is Bill Brady, but who developed the strategy for this advertising campaign for Pat Quinn? Despite what Quinn may or may not have going on for him in this election, this campaign will surely negatively impact him in more ways than one.

SJGPR: What are your recommendations on political advertising strategy or branding a politician? It is best to stick with the party, the person or the platform?

GSJ: One idea, one message, keep it simple and tell them again and again. For example, Obama’s campaign all supported the “Change” movement, and it was brilliantly executed. Messaging and content should be about the hope people want to hear regarding the real or perceived problem they have, and the result of how it’s going to be solved for them. Bring it back to the issue, problem and solution platform, not about the bad things somebody else is doing.

SJGPR: What is one takeaway from what this campaign illustrates?

GSJ: It exemplifies that one clear message, with a focus and a purpose, connects to consumers in a meaningful way and persuades them to the desired outcome, which is Bill Brady was made famous by his opponent.  

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