Q&A with Diego Cantu, Creative VP: Integrated Is As Integrated Does

Oct 21, 10 Q&A with Diego Cantu, Creative VP: Integrated Is As Integrated Does

Don Draper’s Season four plotline in Mad Men consisted in part of an agency finding its own identity. Rather than tweeting, YouTubing, Facebooking, SEMing, etc., Draper’s messaging access was limited to the old school PR routes of word-of-mouth, gossip over an Old-Fashioned and award shows. Essentially, the work spoke for itself.

Ad Age recently posted an article, “Mad Men’ Offers Lesson in Agency Branding”. SJG’s Creative VP, Diego Cantu, offers his two cents on the evolving shift in agency branding.

SJG: How can an agency stand out to prospective clients?

DC:  The only way for an agency to stand out is the work. Everything is so fragmented now and works in silos. Agency capacity is all about output. Integrated is as integrated does.

SJG: If you were on the other side what would you look for in an agency?

DC: Clients expect an agency to be on 24/7, just like everyone else is on. I’d be interested in them being empathetic, networked, high-speed, highly engaged, proactive and responsive.

SJG: Is it best to let the work do the talking?

DC: Targets have become blurred and are sniper focused, and mass orientation to the big idea is key. For Hispanic advertising it’s not enough to put a big sombrero and moustache on the guy. It’s not sustainable anymore. You have to have big ideas. The clients pay for things they can’t do, and the only way to stand out is to showcase the work and create the big ideas.

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