RockMelt: The Rise of the Social Browser

Jun 03, 11 RockMelt: The Rise of the Social Browser

Have you been hearing the recent buzz about RockMelt, and been wondering why you should consider another web browser when there are plenty of existing options, and you’re already familiar and comfortable with the one you use?

Unique and the first of its kind, RockMelt incorporates the use of social media with everyday web browsing. The social browser is designed for the way people use the web today, making everything just a click away.

The days of navigating from page to page are gone. Rockmelt makes it easy and convenient to browse the web and share content. With its social media features built into the browser, users can stay in touch with friends and family, share pictures and videos, get updates from their favorite websites and share content via blogs and social media websites.

RockMelt is the first browser that is fully backed by the cloud. Through its log-in feature, users’ personal browsing experience can be accessed from anywhere, including bookmarks and preferences.

The look of RockMelt is very similar to a traditional browser, but includes additional bars on the left and right sides of the webpage. The right side incorporates a Facebook component, allowing users to update your status and connect with friends, while the left bar allows for bookmarking of favorite sites and RSS feeds.

Users are alerted when a new story comes out, a friend posts new photos, or a new video is available – all without leaving the page they are currently on.

Another great feature is the share button next to the URL that allows users to share the content of the page they are on through their Facebook or Twitter accounts, eliminating the need to have multiple browser tabs open as you jump between websites.

Overall RockMelt makes web browsing more efficient by incorporating the features people use everyday right into the browser. You can download and try RockMelt by visiting

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