SJG Celebrates 30th Anniversary, Announces Pro-Bono Program for Nonprofit Organizations

Nov 09, 11 SJG Celebrates 30th Anniversary, Announces Pro-Bono Program for Nonprofit Organizations

To celebrate 30 years of accomplishing unprecedented marketing results for its clients, The San Jose Group (SJG) is launching a pro-bono program, “SJG Giving as we Grow,” extending its services to three nonprofit organizations to support their efforts in creating stronger awareness of their cause among diverse multicultural communities.

From now until December 19, non-profit organizations can register to participate and encourage their supporters to vote daily. The three organizations with the most votes and best short essays will receive free professional time of SJG’s public relations or creative marketing services. The first place organization will receive $30,000 worth of services, followed by $20,000 and $10,000 worth of services for the second and third place organizations, respectively.

“For this major milestone in our agency’s history, we wanted to honor those non-profit organizations that day in and day out help our communities through their unselfish efforts,” said George L. San Jose, President and COO of SJG. “Whether it’s traditional creative content development, public relations support or marketing strategy, our team is excited and ready to extend our strategic and tactical areas of expertise to an organization that supports the local community.”

Non-profit organizations can register on SJG’s website at Entries must include the 501(c)(3) number, the URL to the organization’s website, a digital file of the logo, as well as a 500 word or less short essay describing the organization’s mission and why it needs support reaching multicultural audiences.

The deadline for entry submissions and voting is December 19. A panel of judges at SJG will determine the three most deserving organizations, and the winners will be announced the week of January 2.

For more information about SJG, please visit

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