Social Media Advertising in 2021

Jan 25, 21 Social Media Advertising in 2021

According to Forbes magazine, one-third of the world’s population will be on social media in 2021. Investing in a strong social media presence should be a priority for any brand and company looking to expand this year. 

As the world still tackles a pandemic, the usage of social media has grown. Not only with new users but also with the amount of time spent online by old ones, according to data gathered by Nielsen. Having a strong social media presence, quality content, and sponsored advertising will bring an influx of potential customers to your company’s social media and consequentially to your website or eCommerce site. It will also allow you to share your company’s history, values, and image with potential or existing customers. 

One of the biggest advantages of advertising on social media is the ability to specifically target individuals that will organically be interested in your brand. What advertising on social media assures is that your ad or your post will be watched. Retaining the customer becomes a challenge. What can you do as a creative to make sure your ad stands out from the sea of content?

Each social media platform has a user experience that makes it unique. It is important to conduct research and to make each advertising fit the platform it was meant for. While a type of content can be appropriate for Facebook, it might not go as well with the Instagram user experience. Aside from editing the advertisement to fit the platform, experts also recommend creating different messages for different target audiences. The needs and wants of a millennial consumer will not be the same as the Gen Z consumer. Even if both use the same platforms. 

Starting to advertise on social media and investing in creating an online image can be nerve-racking for beginners. Some might not see the importance and others might shrug it off as a low return of investment. It is never too late to start, but the sooner you do the more benefits you will get. The reality with social media advertising is that it is set to become very competitive. As the user number grows so will the advertising, starting now will allow you to own a bigger online “real-estate” for your product or brand. So in the coming years, you already have a built-in audience and concept. 

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