Mobile Shopping Trends

Dec 02, 14 Mobile Shopping Trends

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By Jenny Bergman, Junior Executive Intern at The San Jose Group   Motivated by the massive winter storm that spoiled in-store shopping plans and prevented presents from arriving on time, consumers got a head start on their holiday shopping this year. The holiday season accounts for more than one-fifth of retailer’s sales for...

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Blurred Lines: In Today’s Digital Age, Where Does Advertising End and Public Relations Begin?

By George L. San Jose, President and CCO of The San Jose Group To the average consumer, advertising and public relations have never really seemed like two distinctly different marketing tools—branded content seems like branded content. After all, advertising and PR share the same goal: engaging and ultimately communicating a...

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Growing Your Business through the User Experience

By Killian Knowles, Junior Executive at The San Jose Group In an age constantly growing online with new business technologies, new jobs arise as well. One job in particular, User Experience (UX) Strategist, is popping up all over the web causing agencies to second-guess their web presence strategies. Creating engaging online...

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The Race is on to Reach Illinois’ 1 Million+ Uninsured Ethnic Population

May 28, 13 The Race is on to Reach Illinois’ 1 Million+ Uninsured Ethnic Population

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By: Cassandra Bremer, Content Manager and Developer In a few short months, the preliminary stages of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation will begin, forcing the Illinois Department of Insurance (DOI) and other healthcare providers to move quickly and provide coverage solutions for the state’s one million plus uninsured...

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Trending: Tablets in Today’s Mobile World

As one of the most mobile consumers in the United States, Hispanics display enormous mobile spending power. According to the “2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Survey,” by Zpryme Research and Consulting, Hispanics are projected to spend $17.6 billion on mobile tech devices this year.1 We are all marching toward the day when...

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