Latino Micro Trends 2010-2015: Trend 7

Multicultural Super-Heroes: According to a Marvel top executive, Obama’s election was pivotal in the release of multiethnic Spider-Man. Though half-Black, half-Latino Miles Morales currently is a small-scale alternative to mainstream Peter Parker, there has been some speculation whether a minority actor should be cast as Spider Man...

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Latino Micro Trends 2010-2015: Trends 1 & 2

Dec 20, 11 Latino Micro Trends 2010-2015: Trends 1 & 2

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Tony D’Andrea, PhD, Director of Planning and Research at SJG Why not macro trends one may ask. Because these refer to large yet widely publicized demographic trends: 51 million U.S. Hispanics with $1.3 trillion in purchasing power, indexing higher in the consumption of a variety of product categories, and responsible for most of...

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