Hispanic Trends: Making Sense of Enormous Technology Spending Power

Zpryme Research and Consulting just released the results of a great survey concerning Hispanic mobile consumer trends. While the INFOgraphic is loaded with several great facts showcasing the Hispanic spending power on mobile devices, the following is a short rundown highlighting the areas where Hispanics are over indexing on their...

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Mobile Devices Evolution and Impact on Our Lifestyles

This article is Part 2 of a previous article, Mobile Devices—Our Lifestyle Connections What came first, the earbuds or the iPhone? Perhaps future generations will ponder this question when all other music mediums from records to compact discs, from 8-tracks to audio cassettes and from Walkmans to Discmans are long forgotten and the...

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Latino Micro Trends 2010-2015: Trends 5 & 6

Music on the Go: If you want to understand new forms of mobile behavior in the general market, then Hispanics is a group to watch. They listen, download and transfer music on, to, and from mobile phones at levels high above the national average (160-plus index points, according to ComScore 2011 reports). Likewise, checking...

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Latino Micro Trends 2010-2015: Trends 3 & 4

Jan 06, 12 Latino Micro Trends 2010-2015: Trends 3 & 4

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Mixed Martial Arts: Fox Sports and UFC have recently announced the broadcasting of mixed martial art (MMA) fights across 18 Latin American countries. Its growing popularity among Latinos should not be seen as a surprise, after all. AT&T tapped into this relationship in 2008, hiring Lopez family Olympic Tae-Kwon-Do champions to...

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