The changing agency landscape and what it means for convergence

Sean Duffy, founder of the Duffy Agency and president of TAAN Europe, wrote a great article for Talent Zoo yesterday about the changing advertising agency landscape, and it’s actually a topic we’ve been discussing more and more at SJG also. Inspired by conversations during the San Jose Network’s annual conference...

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The San Jose Network enters into strategic alliance with TAAN

Feb 23, 10 The San Jose Network enters into strategic alliance with TAAN

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As the anchor to the San Jose Network, we are excited to announce that SJN has entered into an alliance with TAAN, one of the largest global networks of independent advertising agencies. George and Deborah traveled to Cancun this past weekend to meet with Peter and other executives from TAAN and formalize the partnership.  ...

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How Can Agencies Adjust their Culture for Social Media

I was fortunate enough to be invited, along with our agency president George San Jose, as a representative of the San Jose Network to the Transworld Advertising Agencies Network (TAAN) semi-annual conference this past week as part of the current work to forge an alliance between the two networks to expand the global footprint of...

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