The San Jose Group’s Perspective on the Minority is the new Majority

Oct 18, 10 The San Jose Group’s Perspective on the Minority is the new Majority

As the release of new U.S. Census information approaches, data that already defines the U.S. marketplace as “majority minority” will be showcased in a brighter spotlight. In fact, already the minority is the new majority among 18- to 44-year-olds in the top 20 U.S. DMAs.

Many find this news shocking, but this mix of ethnicities is a reality and makes for the most diverse consumer marketplace to date with a variety of idiosyncrasies. The majority minority along with digital convergence are two of today’s mega trends making marketers rethink how to engage with consumers.

Engagement strategies need to go beyond homogeneous or traditional general market insights and shift to insights based on global truths. George L. San Jose, president and COO of The San Jose Group, predicts that agencies that do not embrace the multi-dimensional consumer who shares common links such as lifestyle, socio-economic level, media consumption behavior, etc. with others, regardless of language or ethnicity, will not succeed in engaging the majority minority.  The San Jose Group has been a pioneer and leader of marker segmentation for 30 years in effectively reaching today’s new market called Convergent Marketing Solutions.

Something to watch regarding communications will be Chicago’s upcoming mayoral race – both because of the amount of multicultural candidates and because Chicago is a majority minority city. The importance of how messaging is created and the communication delivery will be paramount in motivating and engaging Chicago’s majority minorityto vote while still engaging the Anglo constituency.

If you have any questions about this unique perspective, please feel free to direct your questions to Joran Thompson, Public Relations department at The San Jose Group.

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