There’s Nothing More Fun Than Pitching Latino Media – PART 1

Mar 31, 11 There’s Nothing More Fun Than Pitching Latino Media – PART 1

SJG conducted a Q&A with Angélica Martínez, senior account executive. A former editor, radio host, producer, T.V. news coordinator and a current SJG PR rock star, she shares her perspective of Latino media in the first part of a two part series regarding Hispanic public relations.

1. How do Latino media outlets differ from general market media?

Muchísimo, bastante, un chorro. But I am just going to mention three of the ways. Starting with the frequency, a general market newspaper is printed daily, but Hispanic publications are mostly weekly. This means that for every seven opportunities that a PR professional has in the general market, he/she has only one in the Latino market. Ultimately, you have to be more selective with the stories you pitch.

Second, most Latino publications are very small and understaffed. Usually the owners are people with a desire to help their community and have a small staff of employees running the newspaper or radio station. Often times the staff may not even have journalism backgrounds. Of course there are very few exceptions that have the support and staff behind them like large television outlets such as Univision and Telemundo, or the huge print outlet Impremedia Group with 10 different publications around the country. But more often than not, in the Hispanic market there will be only one or two contacts at each media outlet – eliminating the opportunities that exist with general market media for pitching specific section editors such as technology or health.

The content is the third major difference. Hispanic media is generally focused on covering news that affects their Spanish speaking audience. In the general market media, they can pick-up any story, but the likelihood of this happening with Hispanic media is very slim. Immigration, community events, violence and money-saving information are topics that they typically cover. If your story or press release is not related to these topics, you will need to use your imagination to create a connecting point in order to get coverage for your client.



2. What is the most difficult part of pitching Latino media outlets?

Nothing is difficult if you know how to do it! It is like driving. You must know when to accelerate, put on your turn signal and so on. You have to recognize when the light is green or starting to turn yellow. If you see a red light (if you are sending a lot of materials and not getting good feedback from the person) you must to stop. Even if the client wants you to drive through the red light, you have to stop because like in the real life, it is a risk and something bad can happen. Also, never forget to your change oil – a spontaneous email with something nice about the person’s country, or just a call to say “hi”.



3. What is the greatest thing about working with Latino media outlets?

They become your friends, cuates, camaradas, lindos amiguitos. Working with Latinos in the media is fun! Latino editors and reporters have great senses of humor, and the help is mutual – you help them to educate their audience and they help you to make your clients happy.

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